Nimo, born Richard Blunt, and Sun-One, born Jarvis Blunt were raised in
Chicago, IL on the south side. Destined to get out of their situation due
to gang violence, poverty and little to no opportunities, Nimo started
rapping at the young age of 10 years old and taught his younger brother,
Sun-One to rap three years later.

Nimo, original name Animosity, was given to him by his brother Sun-One.
When the venting sessions of lyrical wordplay and rhyming became more
serious to the both of them, Sun-One received his name from his big
brother. Eventually they both started the label Maddskills Records.

Years passed and situations weren’t getting any better for them living on
the south side of Chicago. Therefore, their mother made a change, moving
them all to St. Louis, MO. While there, the Nas, LL Cool J and Kool G Rap
inspired dynamic duo found local studios to record at and performed at a
number of hip hop showcases.

Constantly remembering their upbringing and the rough streets they came
from helped the two of them become the dopest hip hop artists since the
group EPMD. Nimo and Sun-One now have their focus on becoming an empire
worldwide by bringing the face of true hip hop back and setting standards
for real music. Watch them work.




WHIHH: In brief tell us how you came to be a part of this music industry and what advice would you give to other artist such as yourself?

NIMO: Music became a part of our lives at a very young age. We spoke on experiences we were going through. Music was our therapy and a way for us to speak out the dreams that we wanted to accomplish.

SUN-ONE: We would tell an upcoming artist to stay grounded and patient and to continue to stay true to what was real to them.

WHIHH: Representing Chicago and St. Louis, it’s no doubt that you have arrived on the scene with that built to last music. What is the motto you live by to help fuel your drive and hunger for ultimate success within your music career?
NIMO: Our drive and music comes from the street, the hoods and those people in the neighborhood whose voices are not heard, wanted to stand for something real and vent through our music; we spoke for them.
SUN-ONE: “Stand for something or fall for anything”, is the motto we live by.

WHIHH: From where do you draw inspiration when it comes to writing your music or finding that beat, sound etc. that best suits your music projects?
NIMO: I find inspiration partially from today’s Hip hop sounds and I mix it with my own personal roots of music that I grew up listening to. As you know though, music and producers alike are ever changing. It also depends on current life situations and personal struggles that we are all mostly suffering from today.
SUN-ONE: My inspiration comes from wanting change, specifically from wanting to change people’s perspective on the Hip hop culture and what’s coming of it today. With that comes my desire to change the sound of our albums. So, we venture out and give different producers a chance to work on our projects.

WHIHH: Let’s talk about your music video titled ‘Rocking Jew-els”. Tell us a bit about the lyrical content and visual. Why do you believe so many could identify with this record and why those same fans and more supporters are feeling ‘ILL Street Blues’? What can we expect from your next video?
NIMO: ‘Rockin Jew-els’, definitely pushed the envelope a little bit and that was to show that it’s not all about glitz and glam but more so what you stand for.
SUN-ONE: People can relate to ‘ILL Street Blues’, because it’s for the people and by the people. Our next video will show even more diversity in our style and vision. We know it will be a for sure favorite.

WHIHH: If I took a look at your playlist, name your top ten favorite rappers and of that list, name one you’d be humbled to work?
NIMO: Collectively, the list would be: Nas, Jay Z, Kanye, Andre3000, Jadakiss, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Common, J. Cole and Lupe Fiasco
SUN-ONE: The artist we’d be most humble to work with would be Nas. I feel our music closely resembles what he stands for as he has influenced our music through similar crossroads.

WHIHH: You’ve currently been doing a few shows on the road tell us a bit about that and that experience for you on those stages?
NIMO: The experience on stage is great. You get to see what type of songs the crowd likes and vibes to.
SUN-ONE: I feel being on the road is always good. I enjoy seeing how people react to us and our music. We appreciate the support from the fans who say they relate closely to our music.

WHIHH: Did you ever think you would get this far in your music career? Tell us a bit about that break through moment and where you want this journey to take you?
NIMO: Our break through was when we did our first album. That’s the moment we knew we could do it. We poured our souls into our music. I think we always knew we’d make it this far.
SUN-ONE: We never put a limit on how far we’d go through the journey to success that we are on. We want to challenge people through our music on what they think about society and their neighborhoods and making changes. We want everyone to stand up for a purpose.

WHIHH: What is something you’d like to share with fans about your favorite past times when you are not recording in the studio?
NIMO: When I’m not recording I just like to hang out with my wife and kids. We’re just normal people. We hang out at the local home goods stores and maybe take the kids to places I couldn’t go to as a child.
SUN-ONE: I like to take my wife and son out to eat whenever I’m not recording. Mostly just chilling with them. There is really no big hobby outside of music.

WHIHH: What can we expect from you in terms of new music you’re currently working on and where can fans go to follow all of your music and up in coming projects?
NIMO: We’re currently working on a new EP called “Crack da Code”. To be released shortly. You’ll be able to download it from iTunes and Amazon. Until then you can download our latest album “Ill Street Blues” at

SUN-ONE: As Nimo said, definitely get the latest album “Ill Street Blues” and be sure to follow our Facebook fan page at (Maddskillsrecords) and subscribe to our YouTube channel rgba(255,255,255,0)”>SUN-ONE: As Nimo said, definitely get the latest album “Ill Street Blues” and be sure to follow our Facebook fan page at (Maddskillsrecords) and subscribe to our YouTube channel (Madd Skills Records) for new music. Thanks to all our listeners and the readers we appreciate the love and support.

WHIHH: Give us a brief insight into the industry networking support you have received and the music and party scene as a whole in your hometown?
NIMO: We have gained a lot of support from our home towns of Chicago and St. Louis. We are currently strengthening our networks try to other major cities as well. As for the party scene, we definitely bring our music to the crowds to enjoy and perform and host venues to increase our brand and promote our music.
SUN-ONE: St. Louis’ party scene is pretty much just like Chicago’s. Heavy dance music and all that comes along with that.

WHIHH: Why do you believe your career has been on such a successful path thus far? What advice did you receive starting out that has been your foundation for your drive and mindset throughout your career?
NIMO: Our career has been successful because we stay true to who we are. We just do us and continue to be true to what we believe in.
SUN-ONE: We made this our foundation when we began making music and that’s pretty much the answer to success.

WHIHH: Before immersing yourself within this music/entertainment industry, what do you do to prepare yourself for the creative process before making any major power moves?
NIMO: I definitely relax to prepare myself mentally before I do a project. Sometimes you can get worn down from the no’s that come from others when you’re trying to create a project and asking people to get behind our music.
SUN-ONE: Also staying prayed up!

WHIHH: Throughout your career who sticks out above the rest as the key players in your music career as far as your musical mentors both directly or indirectly?
NIMO: The musical artist that sticks out in my mind would be my mentor, my cousin RIP Clifton. He was the first one that ever believed in me when I was 10yrs old and was trying to rap. He told me I had something special and he was only 16 when he told me that.
SUN-ONE: I would say NIMO my big brother, who inspired me to rap. I was only around 13 when I really started rapping and then we moved here to St. Louis and I just followed suit with my brother.

WHIHH: Explain your overall sound in five words or less?
NIMO: Great, inspiring, educational, real and different.
SUN-ONE: Music, challenging, controversial, original and soulful.

WHIHH: Figuring out some of our favorite artist’s celebrity crush is always difficult unless we have a bit of inside. Tell us what celebrity’s beauty that grabs your attention?
NIMO: Jada Pinkett-Smith; she’s always seemed to keep it real and original. She also stands for a lot more with community outreach and also Michelle Obama for plenty of obvious reasons. No disrespect to the lucky husbands…Will Smith and our Head of State President Obama.
SUN-ONE: I will have to say Jhene’ Aiko and LaShonte Heckard. I believe they are both talented and not bad at all to look at.

WHIHH: If you are what you eat, give us a bit of food for thought. What do you eat before or after a long creative session to reward your appetite and hunger for success?
NIMO: Food for thought: You’re only as good as your last project. Seems like you can be here today and forgotten about tomorrow.
SUN-ONE: After a tedious project we really don’t care what we eat literally. At that point you just hungry for anything.

WHIHH: Tell us a little about who will you have as features for your next album or would like to reach out to? Also is there any other artists’ up in coming projects you will be featured on?
SUN-ONE: We have a couple of features coming up on our new project. The main artist that will be featured will be Mike Young.
NIMO: It’s already two of us and we don’t like to crown projects with a ton of different sounds. It can make an album sound cluttered. We have a couple of new artists as well but we’ll keep your posted about them. We’re not currently featured on anybody else’s album but the door is definitely open if they call.

WHIHH: What can we expect from you in terms of new music you’re currently working and what message do you give for those who have doubts about that path you’re paving?
NIMO: The doubts that people have about the path that we’re taking on OUR road to success is really irrelevant. Since we are two strong minded men, we don’t cloud our minds with negative energy and doubt.
SUN-ONE: Likely, they have no answers for us if we were to consider their doubt to be somewhat true but hey, what are you without haters?


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