Big Sean Boy How Big Is You!!!!!!***** Man Crush Monday*****




I had to do it!! We see it every where on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. MCM aka Man Crush Monday or WCW aka Woman Crush Wednsday. I woke up this morning and stumble across some pics of Rapper, Big Sean. Lawwwwwwd have mercy!!!!! The pictures are not PG 13 at all, so I will not be posting them.

We all know Hip Hop artist, Big Sean for his bragging of his manly parts. Well Bunny is here to tell you, he is not lying. When Nicki Minaj asked, ” Big Sean Boy How Big Is You”, She asked the right question. Thank you Nicki.

Ladies, if you want your heart to jump find these pics. I would like to hear from you, our supporters at WHIHH Ladies and Men, who is your MCM or WCW and why. I will pick the best one and you will be featured in my blog. Just email me at include the following

  • Name, City and State
  • An appropriate picture of yourself
  • A brief synopsis of your WCW or MCM/ Stating why they are your crush
  • A current email address

Lets see what our supporters our up to0!!! Its ya girl Chief Blogger Bunny im out for now, if you see Big Sean tell him Bunny says Heyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

****** IF ITS NOT HERE****** ITS NOT HOT******

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