Hip Hop, Wherefore Art Thou?

When you think of Shakespeare, you may not think of Jay-Z, but “Rhymes Over Beats” may have you taking a second thought on that. What’s Hot in Hip Hop attended the recent mixer held by Carnegie PR at The Griffin in NYC’s meatpacking district to celebrate the fusion of the two seemingly unrelated worlds.

Selfie Love at "Rhymes Over Beats"Damatrix Studios, Koffi Jello Bar, Fred the Godson, & L.A.V, who recently signed to MMG

Selfie Love at “Rhymes Over Beats”
Damatrix Studios, Koffi Jello Bar, Fred the Godson, & L.A.V, who recently signed to MMG

But as founder of the theater company, Patrick Blake, explains, “Theater began 2000 years ago from the Greeks. The form they used consisted of actors speaking and chanting rhymes that told stories over musical beats. My inspiration for creating ‘Rhymes Over Beats‘ was the fact that theater began as Hip-Hop, and it was time to get back to the roots.” So perhaps the worlds are more connected than they seem at first glance.

New York rapper/ actor, Maino, was in the building for the event, as he stars in the first hip-hop musical, “Freedom,” which was written by Chicago rapper, Chi-Ill. This first play takes a deeper look at the highly controversial issue of unjust incarceration.

“Rhymes Over Beats” announced and welcomed its newest members during the mixer. The members include Felecia G., Chi-Ill, Fred the GodsonUncle MurdaChinaMacDJ TedsmoothPower, BET writer/ producer Samson Styles, Robbie Nova, Daryl Sledge, Cate Cammarata, Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, Manny Borras, & Brent Buell.

The event was well attended by not only the artists, producers, and writers, and their guests, but also prominent media, radio personalities, including J Medina of Hot 97, authors, and upcoming hiphop artists.


Some of the newest members of the hip-hop theater company, “Rhymes Over Beats”

The night was made complete with food by Kitchen Cray, along with jello shots by Koffi’s Jello Bar, a good friend of What’s Hot in Hip Hop, Rhymes Over Beats, and Carnegie PR and music by DJ Tedsmooth. 

I know that I’ll be getting my tickets to check out this innovative show and looking forward to all that’s to come from two of my favorite worlds!

If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop! 

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