Kanye Announces the New Yeezy’s!


Kanye West (while wearing Stan Smith’s) at the Adidas Global Brand Conference in Germany announced that his first shoe under the Adidas brand will be released this June. Recently we have witnessed Kanye’s nasty public divorce from Nike allegedly over the company’s refusal to give Kanye creative control over the Air Yeezy’s and also royalties over the shoe, an appearance on Hot 97 confirmed this when he spoke about a meeting with Nike and in the meeting he stated ‘I need royalties.’ Adidas’ shoe deal with Kanye shows the progressive nature of the company and its ability to embrace hip-hop culture, Adidas’ struck a deal with Run DMC almost 30 years ago, this allowed Adidas to immerse itself into a growing hip-hop culture that many at the time thought was just a fad. There is no specific date for the release but as June approaches we will receive more details about the shoe.

kanye-west-stan-smith-adidas-global-brand-conference-1  kanye-west-stan-smith-adidas-global-brand-conference-2

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