Summer’s Here in NYC!

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Jae Hall & MTV News RapFix Live’s Rob Markman

Yeah, I know it’s only spring and we’re just barely in the clear from all the snow, but as of this week, Jae Hall made it official that Summer’s Here!

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What’s Hot in Hip Hop was back in Quad Studios for the recent listening party for the Bronx’s own Jae Hall as he debuted his latest EP, “Summer’s Here.” He was joined by MTV News Rap Fix Live’s Rob Markman, who gave a heartfelt introduction to the music and the artist.

Jae Hall took the mic back after Markman spoke to tell a story. He spoke of a time when he was merely 6 years old walking down the street. He passed by a stranger by the name of Laverne Summers. Before he could figure out what was happening, this  stranger had smiled at him and pushed him out of the way. Summers had spared Hall’s life, but lost his own. He was decapitated and died immediately. So you see the name of Hall’s album is more than what it seems. This project is a tribute to the man who gave his life to save his.

The room fell silent as Hall explained the backdrop to his project. And just as silence set in, the music started. The event was well attended by various friends and supporters of the artist, as well as heavy hitters including Sosa. Jae Hall is definitely creating a buzz with a serious focus on his artistry, craft, and attention to detail.

Quad Studio

Quad Studio

His album cover art was created by an artist by the name of Tiago Magro, who Jae Hall jokingly explained he “insta-stalked” to get a sit down with to talk to about creating the artwork, which would serve as the cover of his project. Upon hearing Hall’s project, Magro called him to let him know he wanted to collaborate.

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What’s Hot in Hip Hop will be in the building tonight at Piano’s as Jae Hall performs a live set of “Summer’s Here” with some of NYC’s rising star artists and musicians. “I’m New York Inspired Concert,” featuring Jae HallDenzil PorterJaden Zoe, & City of Sun, is going down tonight thanks to CitySliq Music Group. Jae Hall will be performing a live set backed by a full band, including Omar Grand, Derrick RhettHiro Yuki Homma, & Gabe Smith. 

Either summer’s here or THIS is what’s hot in hip hop!

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If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop. 


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