The results are in! The Forbes Five wealthiest Hip-Hop artists list is released, and you will NEVER believe who is #1

ForbesWe’re not just talking about poppin’ bottles in the club, driving nice cars, and flossin’ jewelry, wealthy. We are talking about vested money and continual growing of residual income, wealthy! We are talking the wealthiest Hip Hop artists in the game.

So who made the list this year and just what are these artists doing that has them charting the Forbes Five wealthiest Hip-Hop artists list? Well the results are in…

5. 50 cent comes in the fifth spot on the list this year at $140 million, with much credit to his Vitamin Water deal in 2007.

4. Birdman takes the fourth spot on the list, at $160 million, much credited to his split of the Cash Money Empire.

3. Jay-Z takes a fall to the third spot this year at $520 million, falling short of the number two spot. Jay-z is the only artist to top the list who can credit his personal record sales to his net worth. Hov also won financially this year with his exclusive album release with Samsung and touring.

2. Dr. Dre takes the second spot at $550 million as he remains King to the headphone industry. Beats by Dre has earned Dre most of his multimillion dollar success.

1. And finally, the number ONE spot, remains with the reigning king, Sean “P Diddy” Combs at a $700 million net worth! Not sure how surprising this is considering Diddy has held the number one spot for 3 consecutive years, beginning in 2011 when the list first began. With a major increase in net worth credited to the launch of Revolt TV, Diddy is very close to becoming Hip Hop’s first billionaire!

p diddyBy the looks of this list, this seems bigger than Hip Hop. We are talking about entrepreneurship! And that is what keeps these men at the top. I guess Hov said its best, “I’m not a businessman I’m a business, man!” Way to go gents!

Although proud of the success from these guys, I would like to see some ladies on this list soon. Who do you think will be the first lady to make the Forbes Five Hip Hop’s wealthiest list?


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