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It’s a long list of bangers on this ‘Freestyle Chronicles 3’ from hits like “The Worst”, “Pu$$y Ni66@ Killa” featuring (YNIC; Quise) and that DJ Scream hosted single “Always” (featuring Que, Gunplay, Wacka Flocka & Tracy T). The response has been crazy from this mixtape in such little time. “You ain’t bout that action, all you gone do is tweet it”; is a fitting line from one of Young Breed’s verse to describe his opinions towards those who doubt his longevity in the game. Maybach Music Group’s (MMG) Black Bottle Boys (BBB), original Carol City Cartel (Triple C’s), the labels young mixtape king, proclaimed ‘Project President’ and ½ of ‘YNIC’; music artist Young Breed, is serving raw uncut music for the streets and for those who still don’t believe it, he sends you another message on track titled, “Fuk Em”, but those doubters will just have to download the mixtapes for themselves. We caught up with Young Breed to discuss Rides, MMG, Vaporizers, Politics, Collaborations, The Real Miami, Lifestyles, Black Bottle Dieting, words from boss man Rozay and the newly released ‘Freestyle Chronicles 3’…Streets Certified!Young Breed

WHIHH: Let’s talk a little about your past works. Your last mixtape featured a long list of label mates amongst several others, but there was the laid back Aaliyah sample in the album titled single, “7 Tre Chevrolet” featuring Dubb that presented a different sound from the other tracks we heard. Tell us more about this particular track (sound, vibe and style) in comparison to the others and why you knew fans would receive it as well as they did?

YOUNG BREEED: The record “Seven Tre Chevrolet” Feat. and Produced by Dubb was a special record definitely because Dubb gave me that soulful Aaliyah sample on the beat with his West Coast feel attached to it. I told the homie my vision and he painted it on a canvas for me. I knew people would take to it, because they’ve never heard me on a record like that before and it’s also entitled after the actual name of the album and it’s the intro so, I definitely felt good about that record and knew it would stand out.

WHIHH: The south represents the home of the hood classic Donks, Verts, Chevy rides, custom paint jobs, big rims, fast engines, loud pipes and booming sound systems. Tell us about the title ‘7 Tre Chevrolet’ for those out of state who are not familiar with the lifestyle and explain why you choose this title to represent the collective work on the mixtape?

YOUNG BREED: I chose the title “Seven Tre Chevrolet”, because I felt it represented my city, my culture and my music. I also own that particular year Chevy ‘1973 Chevrolet Caprice’. In Miami growing up… all da Hood Ni66as who were getting money had Chevys aka Donks and old model cars that were restored and customized. We dreamed of owning those as kids, so I felt that symbolized my music… A lot of hard work and grinding and I put together a mixtape that I took an album approach on, so when you hear this mixtape you’re gone feel like you’re Ridin through Dade County in a ’73 Chevrolet!

WHIHH: Representing the gritty streets of MI YAYO (Miami) and evolving from the triple C’s to the black bottle boys, let’s visit Miami’s true Trappin & Rappin (Not the Mixtape, but the inspiration behind it). Let’s discuss how Maybach Music Group (MMG) resonated as the fitting label for your music and how does the commodore amongst this family and label support reflect in your music and your entire creative process?

YOUNG BREED: Back in 2008 when I inked my situation with Rozay… The Team and myself felt the MMG imprint wouldn’t be anything but beneficial. Ro$$ sat me down gave me the blue print and everything else was history. “Team Work Makes The Dream Work” is one of the slogans we use at #MMG. We’re family oriented so working together is second nature. From producers to engineers to video directors… I think it helps my creative process because I’m always in a comfort zone. It’s makes things way more easier.

WHIHH: After Sampling YG’s original track “Hittas”, the infamous MMG Black Bottle Boys (BBB); (featuring Rozay) and you released that spin on “Hittas” before heading in the studio to release yet another demand collection for the streets with DJ Scream’s hosted mixtape, ‘Freestyle Chronicles 3’.Freestyle Chronicles 3 Tell us about this mixtape and why the streets will approve of the selection given and your sound and lyrical growth in comparison with your past mixtapes?

YOUNG BREED: I think the streets will take to it and appreciate “Freestyle Chronicles 3”, because it’s a “Hood Rich” aka Dj Scream collaboration… Which is huge when it comes to the mixtape market alone not to mention his Debut Album “Hunger Pains” is on the way. The energy is already to the max. Not to mention it’s a “Free Downloadable” mixtape. All the beats I picked were current hits, I just smoked a couple and put my Swagg on it. It was a Gift! Not to many people I know turn down Gifts!

WHIHH: You released a few official videos to ‘Freestyle Chronicles 3’, Tell us a little more about the video director(s) and the creative visual direction of those videos and why these particular tracks were chosen to visually represent this mixtape?

YOUNG BREED: The first video I chose to release was with our Label Mate “Dre Films” just to continue the tradition of him releasing the first video for Freestyle Chronicles 1 and 2. It was an idea we felt would gradually show growth from both our aspects of the #MMG brand; my lyrics and choice of songs along with his filming and ways of editing; ‘Pu$$y Ni66a’ Freestyle feat. Quise shot and directed by Dre Films. The second video we released days apart and was shot by my personal camera man ‘Rob Dade” whose been shooting my videos from day one. We chose to release this one, because it was for the ladies and it was soft and sexy… “The Worst” Remix shot and directed by Rob Dade x Space Films. This video also showed growth with the song selection as well as video directing seeing we used Model “Amazing Kush” to co-star in this short freestyle video! Just raising the bar when it comes to viral videos.

WHIHH: Aside from the music, you’re also a business man. ‘Freestyle Chronicles 3’ was recently released on world renown 4/20 date (for smokers only). With that said, tell us about the ‘Young Breed Studio Stick’. How successful has this product been for you and why was this particular venture one you seen fit towards an added layer of success in your career?

YOUNG BREED: The “Wake and Vape” studio stick is a collector’s edition I chose to brand, because I do support marijuana smokers across the globe as you can see with my different chronicles of Freestyles I release every 4/20 “National Smokers Day”. I just felt it was a perfect product to brand. It’s new, it’s convenient, and I’m on the box! It’s been going great… Sales are through the roof! Make sure you visit my website YoungBreed.com and purchase your very own “Wake and Vape” studio stick!

WHIHH: Amongst your label mates fans can noticeably see that there’s an unmentioned loyalty amongst everyone in MMG, however fans believe, Quise and yourself appear to have the strongest bond (mirror effect in terms of presence). How easy does this understanding translate into music for the dual YNIC in terms of support, vibe and collective ideas for collaborative projects?

YOUNG BREED: It’s always easy when you have someone just as hard working and dedicated as you are. YNIC came about with me and Quise just sending records to each other for individual projects we were releasing separately. When we both saw how fast we got records done together we felt we should combine a few more records and come up with a name. “Youngest Ni66as in Charge”. Two heads are better than one! Be on the lookout for… YNIC 2 (Double Up)!!!

WHIHH: There are so many young aspiring music artist who dream of being in your position one day. What advice do you give them in terms of the industry, music, networking, business and politics involved?

YOUNG BREED: Keep God 1st, never look back, and work at a consistent pace. Success doesn’t happen overnight… so be prepared for a long Grind, but if your heart is in it, the long road of hard work shouldn’t even matter. That would be my advice to any up incoming artist looking to pursue their music career.

WHIHH: You have one of the best mentors, big boss man; Rozay. Share with us some of the best advice shared by him or any other mentor in the industry that has helped shape your mindset towards ultimate success in the game?

YOUNG BREED: Well Ro$$ gives us lessons everyday knowingly or not. Just watching him throughout the course of the day whether it’s recording, filming a video, or jotting down ideas for his next big business venture. He shows me Consistency is the key. You’re only going to get out what you put in. You gotta out work the workers to stay on TOP!

WHIHH: You have toured and traveled to every major city and have received great reviews everywhere. However, for you it all originated in the south. Give others your insight into the bright neon lights, fashionable people and party scene on South beach verses the gritty, get it how you live, hood is not a game, over the bridge; real Miami in terms of networking, talent and music?

YOUNG BREED: South Beach is the tourist part of Miami… Different Races, Beautiful People, Food and Drinks, blue water, bathing suits, and nice cars. Opposed to the “Other Side of the Bridge”… Where it’s Poverty, Drugs, Prostitution, Gambling… Our music scene is pretty much set the same way.

WHIHH: If I took a look at your playlist of favorites, either on or off that list, name one artist you’d be humbled to work with on a project?

YOUNG BREED: I’d love to work with Jasmine Sullivan… Imma huge fan and I’m excited to see her releasing another project! I think we’d make incredible music together!

WHIHH: What is something you’d like to share with fans about your favorite past times when you’re not in the studio?

YOUNG BREED: Imma huge family man. I like to enjoy and cherish the time with my family when I’m not in the studio or doing something pertaining to it.

WHIHH: Figuring out our favorite artist celebrity crush is always difficult unless we have a bit of inside. The ladies want to know…tell us what celebrity beauty that always grab your attention?

YOUNG BREED: Most celeb woman are already involved or have been involved with some celebrity at one point. I like down to earth women who haven’t been tarnished in the media eyes!

WHIHH: They say you are what you eat. Now rumor has it that the boss man has everyone at MMG on a strict diet which consist of: Wingstop (lemon pepper), Loud Kush (an occasional ‘Young Breed’ Wake and Vape studio stick), Belaire Rose (black bottles) and Ciroc mix in circulating MMG personalized cups. If so, how does this lifestyle translate into an appetite for success?

YOUNG BREED: Those are just items we brand and consider it fuel throughout the day, because it keeps us going, but we make sure we work out and try to tend to our health as much as possible. A 5 mile run, a few sit ups and pushups are always squeezed into a busy schedule! Gotta be healthy mind, body, and soul!

WHIHH: Currently released ‘Freestyle Chronicles 3’ available everywhere! What can we expect from you in terms of new music you’ll be working on while you promote this new release? Who can we expect to feature on your new material and where can fans find you on the web to keep up with all your current and future music and events?

YOUNG BREED: Haven’t titled my next project, but look for huge features and hand-picked production by myself. Look for more of a southern feel. This will be my biggest project to Date! Stay Tuned….visit youngbreed.com for all my social network links.





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