Charity: Balling Without A Cause

Well damn, when you can’t settle the score the old fashioned way, just take it to social media. We’ve seen cyber bullies, computer models and NOW viral gangsters. Wow, tread lightly on all things Compton on these streets and on Wi-Fi connection or one wrong move will flare a wave of emotions. Now some may call it, ‘Dry Snitching’ and others agreed with the tongue lashing when the Rapper; Game took to Instagram and Twitter to blast OKC NBA player; Kevin Durant on not being a man of his words. That shot was a clean sweep, all net for a last minute three pointer in an NBA Finals game 7. Hopefully, the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs are taking notes. Looks like many believe ‘The Real MVP’ may go to the Rapper Game for exposing some sideline shady business involving shoes for the kids.


Now it appears that Kevin Durant was in on a $20k bet in which he would have to provide his brand shoes to a youth league (Southern California Froggs) should he lose the bet. Now I’m not sure what all the stipulations to this bet might have been, but we do know the outcome set off the rapper Game when Kevin Durant denied participation on the bet and did not provide the shoes for the children. No matter what team you play on, we all know men are serious when it pertains to money, sports and young athletes. Kevin, oh Kevin these allegations are not a good look and your defense statement is pretty weak! We may have to call in the foot locker referees to signal all kinds of ‘Double Foul’, ‘Personal Foul’ and ‘Technical Foul’ all at the same time.game1

Dropping names, numbers and pulling cards, the rapper Game went as far as to call on some of his All-Star witnesses: Houston Rockets NBA player; James Harden, Toronto Raptors NBA player Demar DeRozan and Rapper; Drake who apparently all were present when Kevin Durant got in on the now reneged bet. We know what you’re thinking and yes, rappers know sports too. Let’s not forget the youth leagues for rappers; Snoop Dogg or Flo rida and Drake…well he did play ball in Degrassi, right? Wait a minute, #35 on the court and off the court; mathematically, that’s still not 100 though! Game went on to confirm that he was going to do the stand-up thing and supply the children with the shoes himself.

game 4

Well, now that the children are all dancing happy feet and the media has caught wind of Big Bet Blunders, we wonder how many people are sitting at home doubting whether or not they’ll get their money from Durant on bets they’ve placed with him if the Heat take the championship against the Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals. Well, if by chance that happens, please remain calm and just charge it to the Game!

Check out what Rapper; Game! (whenarichniggawantyou) posted on Instagram after Kevin Durant publically called him a liar:    






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