Mic Check Plz..plus D.Woods of Danity Kane

So, a week ago I attended an event here in St. Louis called Mic Check Mondays @ The Coliseum for local hip-hop artists. It was hosted by the entertainment mogul-Bell published writer, violinist, artist, promoter, host Bell and STL’s own DJ EPIC on the 1’s & 2’s.


Heather B Nyce & Host Bell

It wasn’t the first Mic Check Monday to go down in the Lou but I just got wind so I had to attend and represent WHIHH.  The night just didn’t start off well and the weather didn’t help but that wasn’t keeping me from going. The doors opened at 9pm but the acts were supposed to start at 10pm but you already know, CP time.

So, the place was pretty empty. The actual start time was about 11pm but there was one highlight to the night. I met singer, songwriter and actress D. Woods of the original Danity Kane group. She’s been in town promoting her elite dance classes and she was kind enough to give What’s hot in hip hop a small interview.


Heather B Nyce and D. Woods of Danity Kane

WHIHH: What brings you to St. Louis?

D.Woods: I’m here promoting my dance master classes and my singleCall It Quitsoff of my upcoming album My Favorite Color under Woodgrane Entertainment. 

WHIHH: What can we expect from you in the months coming?

D. Woods: I’m promoting the upcoming album, My favorite color. It should be out late summer/early fall.

WHIHH: How was it working with Kandi Burruss on her play “A Mother’s Love”? I know you guys went to the same high school and I thought it was really considerate for you all to pick a couple of students to assist with her play in Atlanta, GA. 

D.Woods: It was really fun. She came out a couple of years before me that working on her play was fun. The DVD and soundtrack are both available on itunes and I’m a featured artist on the soundtrack. 

Shortly after the hummbled and talented Ms D. Woods had to exit the building but not before some quick candids.

Overall the night was cool. The rain slowed down, there were a handful of local rap artists that showed up to show their talents and the dj was spinning some good ish.


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