Sometimes, you simply cannot “Take it Back”!

We absolutely just love us some Toni Braxton; the lovely, R&B Songstress. All the ladies felt like she was just singing to the choir when she said, “He wasn’t man enough for me, that’s why we couldn’t work it out”. Yesss, Ms. Toni we’ve always been a fan! However, this time around we felt the backlash coming when she released her book; “Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir“. Dear God… Why didn’t her publicist cease the ‘Handful of Lemons’ Editor responsible for NOT catching that sour lemonade spill? No, not the blooper on Tyler Perry attending her wedding or not, fans are expressing their opinions on another topic. Oh, Ms. Toni now you just had to have known it was not okay to call your child’s autism your karma after your first aborted child. In an overly sensitive world when it comes to anything pertaining to children, disability and even a baby face or two, some feelings need to forever remain with the carrier and not let out the bag.

Ms. Toni had what some fans would perceive as a self-pity, slightly vain, not so motherly moment in reference to her statement. Please don’t tell us on an album, “I’d rather be Broke” and next time, simply consult the experts for their two cents, because we all know how valuable those ‘coints’ (coins) can be, as you stated on the Queen Latifah talk show. While back at the Braxton’s reality show, Trina’s discussing oral transactions, Tamar is on the run from herself tour, the other Braxton Sisters are still searching for solid ground and fans everywhere are always rooting for Toni. We guarantee a good face beat from a MUA can assist Ms. Toni in finding the perfect lipstick for those loose lips.

Aside from her new book, go on Ms. Toni, “Unbreak My Heart”  yet again! Love, love, love the music! It’s a must everyone go get into that new chart topping Toni Braxton and Babyface collaborative album “Love, Marriage & Divorce”. R&B’s anticipated album with the iconic Toni Braxton and Babyface reminds us what quality music is supposed to sound like. With this album, I promise you she does not disappoint. When all said and done, Toni Braxton may not always know the best things to say out of her mouth, but that timeless voice will surely give her a pass each and every time!



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