these pastors ain’t loyal…

jamal-harrison-bryantMaryland Pastor, Jamal Bryant has taken traditional preaching to a new level. But then again, maybe he was just referring to his own stats of female partners during his saved and sanctified sermon. After quoting Chris Brown’s lyric, “these h**s aint loyal” during his sermon recently, the internet went bananas deciding if he went to far or if he was only speaking the worldly truth. Maybe he was only referring to the young lady that he had a child with in 1998, or the the child born to a teenage congregational member of his church in 2001 but that story didn’t come out until after he was married with 3 additional children by his wife that is now his ex-wife. Guess he has a leg to stand on, or does he?

He stated that “women can play a role in limiting a man’s potential.” I believe that to be true but its also the man’s role to recognize these actions of the female he’s dealing with. So, lets get something clear, the women he’s referreing to are what they are and they know it. They sometimes gladly acknowledge it. Its society that is trying to make their roles out to be something different.

Singer Chris Brown arrives at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in L

Accept that there are going to be those promiscuous women in the world that will put it out there to men what they want and what they are after and can potentially hold a man back from life accomplishments. But is that her fault? Why would a real man ever consider them to be loyal in any sorts. They are loyal to the roles they play. You catch my drift.

So, maybe these pastors should be more loyal to the good Book, rather than listening to the latest hip-hop on the radio and adding it in their sermons. There are plenty of meaningful scriptures to get your point across.




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8 years ago

Good blog…..Excellent concept and direction towards Pastor Jamal Bryant sermon… two thumbs up