Twilight Zone: Kimye Weds

While I’m sure everyone was so over this ‘Kimye’ spectacle of a wedding with Reality Star, Kim Kardashian and Rapper; Kanye West, long before the two even tied the knot, I was in as much shock as the rest when, ‘The New York Post’ dissed the couple on their wedding day. The paper released, “ALERT (yawn): Kimye weds”. Not to mention since everyone feels these couples are quite the characters, Actor; Jaden Smith was appropriately dressed as Batman. Honestly, I only had a few concerns when it came to this so called ‘Dream Wedding’. Sorry, to ruin your moment Kim and Kanye, but Beyoncé’s decision to accept your wedding invite and show or not show was the greatest wedding moment of all time. Go ahead Taylor Swift, laugh it off if you want to and seize your moment. Beyoncé’s next move was our main priority when it came to this star studded event.


Very early in the merge of ‘Kimye’, Kim saw it fitting at several attempts to befriend Rapper/ Mogul; Jay Z’s wife; Singer-Songwriter/ Actress Beyoncé. The diva who’s ‘No you can’t sit with us’ attitude is serving that whole other tax bracket ‘You’re not on my level’ sassiness we just love. Finally, someone is letting Kim know she cannot have her way. Beyoncé, just won’t talk to the help and supporters stand by her decision. Yes, Bey sent best wishes via social media to the couple, but that does not mean these two are rubbing elbows. Trust, Kim Kardashian is not part of the inner circle and Beyoncé is not the leader of the mean girls club. Let’s just say they didn’t come in the industry under the same standards.


Now, of course there’s speculations that the entire elevator brawl between Jay Z and sister-in-law Solange Knowles was due to Jay Z advances made or received by Designer; Rachel Roy who happens to be the ex-wife of Producer/ Mogul; Damon Dash, Jay Z’s old Roc-A-Fella friend/ colleague. It’s reported that Jay Z and Beyoncé passed on the nuptial invite to avoid further issues involving Kim’s good friend Rachel Roy. Even though, Damon Dash took a few shots at Jay Z in regards to the altercation and Rachel’s possible involvement, I will not entertain the madness. I’m quite sure Queen Bey is not at all threatened by this messiness either. Whatever the reason, it resulted in the power couple skipping the overrated wedding. I’m sure Beyoncé and Jay Z’s absence missed no parts of the nuptial and could probably google the entire hoopla within the coming days. According to insiders, for the right price they believe Kimye will release all the photos and inside scoop to the whole extravaganza unlike the invited, no show, Hip hop’sBonnie & Clyde’ who kept the visuals of their love nuptials under lock and key. The real heart breaker was when no show Reality Star; Rob Kardashian, Kim’s brother missed the weeding to avoid chatter and whispers about his weight gain. Rob tweeted, “I’m aware that I’m fat” and warmed hearts everywhere. In fact, I believe he’s the only real one from the entire reality cast. We love and support you Rob and want you to win! Confidence at any size comes from within and we support your journey in finding your inner peace during your time of physical change. Just remember if anyone gives you hell for being a no show, just mention that Damon Thomas, Ray J, Nick Lachey, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, Gabriel Aubrey, Kris Humphries and Kanye’s other alter ego were also not in attendance on the big day.



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