Unlikely Matchup: Ring vs. Street

We love getting our real dose of reality with the Harris family. However, this was no VH1 moment at all. The ‘Family Hustle’ quickly became the family tussle. Grand Hustle’s King/ Rapper/ Actor; T.I. and ‘Undefeated Boxing Champ’; Money Mayweather got into a brawl in a burger joint in Vegas. There is so much messiness in the background story between Mayweather and T.I’s wife; Tiny. Addressing the unconfirmed rumor mills, street chatter and social media concerns: (Allegedly, Tiny was fed up with T.I’s unfaithfulness and sought solace in the arms of Mayweather who supposedly she dated back in the day. T.I. caught wind and confronted Mayweather and all hell broke loose). Thank heaven for bodyguards who intervened when fist and chairs started flying. Mayweather was escorted by his entourage and T.I. fled the scene. One restaurant employee was injured and one witness stated Mayweather yelled, ‘Control your Bitch’ sending a wave of panic! Oh, what a mess indeed.


However, minus the championship belt, the real MVP goes to ‘King of controversy”, Rapper/ Mogul; 50 Cent for his comment following the altercation. 50 Cent took to his infamous vlogs addressing Mayweather by saying, “Your uppercut won’t mean shit if they start shooting” reminding us of prior run-ins Mayweather has had in the past all involving women. From main lady, side pieces, jump-offs and other key players in past love triangles, shuffle boards and full on circle of the usual Hollywood swap, we had front roll at one entertaining stage play with additional star celebrities: Ray J, Princess Love, Shantel Jackson, Ashanti, Nelly, Lashontae Heckard, Brandon Jennings and Teyanna Taylor. Meanwhile, due to 50 Cent’s antics, social media went crazy quoting what may indeed enter into the running as the quote of the year! Lord, please grab the wheel!


While we do urge everyone involved to STOP this violent behavior and let cool heads prevail, congrats to new projects being released by T.I. and yet another championship win with Mayweather. We want to continue to applaud all great achievements without these confrontations which set yet another media frenzy. All sides took to their fans addressing some of the circulating rumors. Though we are in business of reporting the news, we must mention that the verdict is still out on whether T.I. actually landed a fist full on Mayweather; the bob and weave TMT champ or if this beef is chopped. Let us not forget, Mayweather’s hands are insured and under contract. This means he cannot go around just throwing those million dollar hands around. Mayweather, reportedly later apologized to Tiny for the disrespect as well. However, in all this madness, let’s not forget to point out the obvious fact that 50 Cent still does not care for a filter. He wears many hats and the censorship hat is not one of them!



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