WTForgetten Tune was that?

The world went numb when we heard the music and visual for “Shotz” from VH1’s Love and Hip hop’s Puerto Rican Princess; Joseline Hernandez. I’m no music critic, but many in the industry are. In fact, critics are not pleased by the up incoming Rap/ Reggaetton artist sound and execution. I won’t even state my favorite who suggested in not so many words, Ms. Joseline should stop chasing Billboard charts and her beau and mentor, award winning Producer; Stevie J needs to stop gassing her head up, because the talent is simply not there. Whoa, I was not ready! Another critic sited that her best ‘non work’ goes to the Joseline Hernandez look alike in Benzino’s video, “Smashed Da Homie”. Gosh, well let me at least say something nice. For starters, they laid her hair nicely for the video. A big shout out for whatever queen was responsible, you did that hunty! Secondly, Ms. Joseline gave us an uplifting quote, similar to Drake’s, “Started from the Bottom”, Joseline said, “Just because you start in the strip club, doesn’t mean that’s where you finish”. If not for the music, kudos for the quote.


Although, not too many are feeling Joseline’s new music, not all music from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop was an epic fail. While, I was not pleased with Peter Gunz behavior for all that ‘Shenanigans’ and straight up messy, foolishness he had going on between the mother of his children; Tara Wallace and recording artist, side chick turned wife; Amina Buddafly, I must admit side chicks were winning when ‘The Pankeys’ hit us with the side chick anthem “Don’t Want to be Right”. I’m sure that song sent main chick turned ex’s on a brick tossing, tire slashing rampage everywhere. The song was both a Love and Hip Hop hit and a blow to ‘Team Tara’ supporters. Although, women everywhere sympathized with the end all disaster of a mess, we must admit Amina did her thing. While, ex and current cast members such as rappers; Jim Jones and  Joe Budden probably never have to release anything, because their music skills are everything, others are not that lucky. Now, nobody is mad at all that ex cast member Olivia received the boot. Many agreed she lacked reality show personality, but in all must thank Rich Dollaz for compromising his relationship with Erica Mena as well as Producer Mona Scott for making it all possible to pull out a hit song, “Where do I go from Here” from a pretty stale music career. Like her or not, Olivia did that song justice after Erica Mena killed it! No, that was not a compliment, Erica Mena clearly “Should’ve known better”.


Moving right along, the real MVP reality cast member notables under Mona Scott’s fairy dust wand making the most of their success goes to that wild card; K. Michelle for that record on repeat album, “Rebellious Soul”. You don’t have to always agree with her ways, but there are two things that we know are certain about K. Michelle: One, she has ass for days and two when it comes to her music, you won’t make an ass out of her, because her delivery is on key! Hate it or love it, you were all ears! Yes, and while these next two can only sing in the shower, that shower rod frenzy created by non-other than Love and Hip hop’s most talked about Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith for that scandalous mystery sex tape leak went down as this reality’s show top star breakthrough moment. Whether you call it an accidental mishap or a well-executed publicity stunt, ‘cut the check, please’; they are unbothered! Reportedly, Mimi and Nikko received quite the bank deposit making them the breakout stars of the entire Love and Hip hop cast members. Well, go right ahead and hit that high tune or sour note! I know it’s a lot to grasp and going to be one big mess to clean up, but I’m sure ‘Molly the Maid’ will think of something. Let’s just hope for the sake of her career, Stevie J’s newly alleged wife is somewhere taking notes.



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