A Night At Amazura

It was a live night at Amazura Club Friday night. K. Michelle and Mack Wilds both came out and rocked the stage. Everything was set up nicely. The V.I.P Section was definitely turned up.  I love how the Promoter Mook Diamond along with others hired their own people to come out and serve food which was great. Hood Royalty Management put an amazing event together and provided the taping for VH1.  k. michelle amazura When K. Michelle came out on the stage the crowd went crazy. She definitely did her thing and the best part of her performance is when she allowed two females to come on stage and sing to see which one she would take on tour with her. I love when artist take the time to give back to the people it shows that they appreciated their fans support. Mack Wilds also had the crowd turned up mack wilds 22   with his hot new single called Hennessy. The females were going crazy for him. Even though I didn’t get to interview the two of them I was still able to network with a lot of great people and maybe a few future business partners.

If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop! 

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