106 & Park Is Suspended From BET Network

Beyonce and Jay-z  had BET suspend 106 & Park off the network after there was a derogatory statement made by Karreuche Tran about Blue Ivy hair. Karreuche Tran and BET’S President of Music and Programming Specials Stephen G. Hill found themselves apologizing after the Blue Ivy 1 VMA Awards. There has been so many jokes about Blue Ivy hair in the past. I guess Beyonce and Jay-z are getting tired of it now. People all over social media have not only spoke bad about Blue Ivy hair but they also bash Beyonce on her parenting skills. A lot of people don’t understand why Beyonce hair is always done nice and Blue Ivy hair always seems to look messed up. I honestly feel like they went to far by suspending 106 & Park off the network because Beyonce and Jay-z leave room for people to make jokes about Blue Ivy hair even though it’s not right.  Despite Blue Ivy hair and Karreuche comment Beyonce did her thing at the VMA Awards. While Beyonce was performing Blue Ivy started dancing to the music and Jay-z was ecstatic. Blue Ivy Blue Ivy dance went viral all over social media. To this day everyone is still talking about it. Beyonce lovely husband Jay-z presented the VMA MTV Video Vanguard Award to Beyonce. There has been rumors going around saying that Beyonce and Jay-z were getting a divorce. After seeing Beyonce kissing Jay-z and Blue Ivy I definitely know that they are not getting a divorce. I am excited about that because most couples in the industry don’t last. Everyone deserves true love and happiness.

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