Bright Lightz Album Release Party At Daddy’s House Studios

Bright Lightz  recently dropped his new album Blinded on July 29th. He also took the time out to put together an Album Release Party that took place at Daddy’s House Studios. Everyone enjoyed themselves and Bright Lightz performance. This guy is really talented and already has a great amount of fans who supports what he does. At the Album Release Party Bright Lightz played every song on his mixtape and told us what inspired him to write each song. I enjoyed the music, so when I got home I listened to the album several times again on My favorite songs from the album are Lights, No Time, Street Life, Trust Issues, and Ain’t Got What It Takes. What stuck out to me the most is the fact that Bright Lightz allowed other Entrepreneurs to come out and promote their products. Unity is everything and for him to allow other people to shine at his event had me speechless but also showed me that there are people in my community coming together.

This event was sponsored by 22Fleet, Clique Vodka, Avision Magazine,, and he is currently being managed by inflomanagement. I enjoyed the Clique Vodka and the Cakes that were made by the sponsors. I was thankful to have the opportunity to work as media for this event. I wanted to take the time out thank Amanda Villacis and Inflomanagement for giving me the chance to. I would love if everyone supports Bright Lights because I got to witness that he is humble, helpful, wise, and thankful for all that he has accomplished already. I see him as a success for sure. Be on the lookout for the interview and artist write up I am going to do on Bright Lightz

If it’s not here…it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop.

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