Food for Thought-Kidney Awareness Gala

Hello my WHIHH family. Our very own celebrity award-winning chef, Jah’Frey Ju’von Hutto will be taking traditional cuisine to the next level while educating the attendees of the Food for Thought Kidney Awareness Gala on Kidney health and awareness. This will be a formal orange and white rooftop event with music provided by Dj Ria, @djriainthmix aka @riarai5 with Brooklyn Diamondz, @bkdiamondz and the red carpet hosted by Nina Martinez, @musicology777. There will be live music with Dara Marie, @daramarieproductions and a live band performance with MsAlize of @sweetsbyalize and partner @Fabiolaiam and with artist Victor Seltzer, @drseltzer. Also celebrity appearances with new hit tv host @fashioninthfastlane, Delvon Johnson aka @fabulousbook and 3x  grammy nominated, Def Jam digital distribution recording artist Mikey Jay, @officialmikeyjay. And WHIHH celebrity blogger and artist Kathryn F Hoxie, @kfhox.


Chef Ju’von knows unfortunately all to well about the altitude of kidney disease and awareness. He has a personal history of kidney failure, spent 5 tough years on dialysis  only to finally be blessed with receiving a kidney transplant 6 years ago. All the more reason he and his company, Jayvon Makers Catering LLC, were more than happy to give back during this second annual gala.

Teaming up with Artist Management Victor Seltzer, ExquisiteVisions Creative Branding and Event Marketing, the lovely publicist Christina Daverne and marketing consultant La’Deia McNeal. This event is going to be both educational and exciting.IMG_229323929319619

Being African-American and in the medical field this event holds a dear place to my heart as well. Since we as blacks and african americans do not educate ourselves nearly enough I feel obligated to enlighten you on the risks of kidney failure and disease in our culture.

African-Americans are more at risk for kidney failure than any other race. It’s not exactly know why but there are two other diseases that play a major role in our risk factors. Diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension) are these risk factors. Someone knows someone or has someone in their family with one or both of these diseases. Being tested for diabetes when you know you have a family history can affect your chances for it leading to kidney disease and further provide early treatment or prevention. High blood pressure develops is blacks and african americans at a much younger age than any other group in the US. And still researchers do not have a definite answer as to why.images (2)So, what we must do as a community is getting educated about their health and wellness. Kidney disease often has no symptoms so it has a chance of going undetected until it is very advanced. Early detection and treatment can slow or prevent progression of kidney disease.

Others will be joining in on this event to include sponsorship, swagbags, and giveaways by a host of people:  @Whatshotinhiphop, @dataxguy, @mountsinairmti, @foodporn.101, @sweetsbyalize, starcareerculinary, @robertparis75, nyorgandonorsnetwork, @labella_liz, @your_next_pr, noelle, @ladiva117, @drseltzer.

So, Please come out and support the second annual Food for Thought-Kidney Failure Awareness Gala this sunday, August 10th 2014 at Broadway Housing Communities located at 583 Riverside Dr, New York, NY from 5pm until 9pm. A portion of the proceeds goes to Mount Sinai Transplant Rmti.

If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hiphop.

Lets get aware!


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