Trinidad dropped…who’s next


Good day my WHIHH family. Trinidad James tweeted yesterday about him being dropped from the label. He tells the world via Twitter that he’s broke. Wow.Screenshot_2014-08-02-08-48-55_1

Trinidad, the 26 year old rapper from Atlanta was signed to a joint $2 million venture with Dej Jam Records, releasing only two mixtapes since 2012.

Guess his work didn’t outweigh his play in the executive’s eyes. Artists better wake up. Labels are not as involved with artist development as they used to be. You still gotta do your grinding even after you get the paper.

I know one thing, there are two Chicago hip hop artists that are about to shake ish up….and it’s coming. Comment below if you want to know who they are. Or follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see updates.

If it’s not here…it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop.

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