Acoustic DOJO in the Bronx

A pin to the floor could be heard last night at the Bruckner Bar & Grill as the show started. People trickled in as the universe called the first performer to the stage. A young hip hop artist bravely took the stage and performed his first ever a cappella performance at the DOJO by Sneakers and Ale.

Mental Sins commanding the crowd at Bruckner

Mental Sins commanding the crowd at Bruckner

The show must go on was the mantra that each performer took as they took their rightful places at the mic-less open mic. A little technical difficulty never stopped greatness. It was nothing but good vibes and great performances despite the minor setback.

The Panel with KFHox

The Panel with KFHox






The night included a panel of industry movers and shakers to enhance the interactive experience of the open mic. The three panelists included Andres Chulisi Rodriguez, Latanya DeVaughn, and James Peach McClory, all heavy hitters within their own right.

Love is love at The DOJO

Love is love at The DOJOrright.

They each gave their feedback of the performers’ pieces, giving both insight and constructive criticism to help the performers improve their stage presence, delivery, and more.

It was a great night of performances that ranged from hip hop, spoken word, and song. Kudos to the Sneakers and Ale gang for getting through the technical difficulty without a hitch. They exemplified what true performance is about …patience and perseverance against all odds.

If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!


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