Non violence, non violence

Hey WHIHH family. The subject that I will discuss with you is a touchy one but not enough voices are standing up to speak.

In the recent weeks we’ve heard a few stories about violence against women from their significant others or in some cases, a random man. The men bringing their fists down on these ladies have not only been caught on camera where they thought it would be private, but also in public. My question is when will the delicacy and adornment from a man to his woman come back. Screenshot_2014-09-12-21-10-36_1

It’s not like this issue hasn’t existed for a long period of time but as a married black woman the issue is very saddening. Look at these ladies, Halle Berry, Tina Turner, Rihanna, Keke Wyatt, and Whitney Houston, who have withstood and overcome domestic violence and that’s just to name a few.Screenshot_2014-09-12-21-14-12_1Screenshot_2014-09-12-21-15-45_1Screenshot_2014-09-12-21-10-16_1Screenshot_2014-09-12-21-10-28_1


This past week Love and Hip-hop NY star Tahiry posted about how she was attacked at a fashion show, beaten and then taken to the hospital. Screenshot_2014-09-12-21-48-06_1When did being a coward to raise your fists at a woman become the norm? Elevators, cars, public recording studios. Why? I think all these cowardly men need to stand up to a real man. Now I’m not promoting more violence because two wrongs don’t make a right but these woman, who have suffered from this violence are mothers, daughters, granddaughters, aunts and sometimes all someone has.

Men,  I ask that you help influence your gender by further treating women with respect, honor and dignity…because it could be someone you know, live next to or work with who has to go through this.

Let us uplift the black woman because she is queen.

God is love..

This is what’s hot in Hip Hop. 

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