Bad Azz, Teairra Mari was in the Lou

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Heather B Nyce & Teairra Mari

Hey my WHIHH family. Heather B Nyce here. First thing first, please don’t believe all the hype that the beautiful and talented Teairra Mari is just ready to pop off at any given time. She was graceful and content during her visit here to St. Louis.

The VH1 Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star should not just be known for her hostile rant towards Ray J and a few other co-stars but ever since the show aired its all everyone can talk about. I caught up with her at the L.A.Flava Shoetique, owned and operated by Chicago born, L.A. native, Kristina Owens who brings L.A day and night styles  and shoes to St. Louis.


Heather B Nyce & Kristina Owens (owner of L.A. Flava Shoetique)


L.A. Flava Shoetique St. Louis, MO

Teairra quickly told me that she didn’t even know that Ray J was going to be on the show, nor did she know that he would be throwing her so much shade during their encounters with each other. Of course she informed me that the famous car scene from episode 1 was edited and chopped to look worse than it really was but what can you do about. Nothing.


Kristina Owens (owner of L. A. Flava), Staff and Teairra Mari

She was also interviewed by St. Louis’ own Princess Stormm from Hot 104.1fm where she informed that she didn’t even know that Hazel E would be on the show as well. They spoke regularly and her “friend” didn’t even let her know.


Princess Stormm (hot 104.1fm) Teairra Mari, Kristina Owens (L.A. Flava Shoetique)

Needless to say Teairra Mari wanted her side of the story to be shared without critics, edits and anyone else interfering with what she feels needs to be cleared up. She does still have love Ray J but I supported her by telling her that we as women cannot just switch off our feelings especially for a man that’s she’s been in some sort of relationship for so long. Doesn’t matter if it was side chick, main chick or companion behind closed doors. They both play major roles in the way their relationship has ended.

Keep your head up girl.

If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop.

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