Keyshia Cole: Believer Music Video

Keyshia Cole

Seeing Keyshia Cole back on the big screens is amazing. I love her new video Believer. This video is going to be on 106 & Park count down for a while. It’s definitely going to be on Revolt TV if it isn’t already. She did her thing in the video when she started dancing which made the video more entertaining to watch. As a fan I am really happy about the album. My favorite songs are Rick James, Believer, On Demand, Love Letter, Party Ain’t no Party, She, Heat Of Passion, and N.L.U. I higher recommend that every goes out and purchase the album. Keyshia Cole definitely deserves it after all the hard work she put into it. I hope that you all enjoy the videos she is dropping because I know I am. I love me some Keyshia Cole and I will forever be a fan no matter what. The Point Of No Return album is going Double Platinum.

If It’s Not Here, It’s Not Hot….This is What’s Hot in Hip Hop.

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