Underground Above Ground

This past week, I joined two DJs, DJ DeeLive & DJ Enygma, to start a show I’ve been looking to debut for the past year.  Thanks to my Impact Radio family, I am now host to not only a Sunday morning talk show, “That’s the Spirit,” but also a Thursday night prime time show called “Underground Above Ground.”

DJ DeeLive, KFHox, & DJ Enygma at Impact Radio

DJ DeeLive, KFHox, & DJ Enygma at Impact Radio

The show’s premier featured 2 DJ sets, the first by DJ DeeLive and the second by my Sunday show’s DJ, DJ Enygma. The second hour of the three hour show will feature an indie artist that we’re looking to share with the masses. The first show dedicated the second hour to some exclusives off my upcoming project, “Journey of a GemInEye.”

The show is looking to break ground on the underground and independent scene, creating an even playing field for artists to get FM rotation. Remember that What’s Hot in Hip Hop is also a place that welcomes indie artists to get artist write ups and genuine feedback from industry professionals on the WHIHH team.

Bridging the gap between indie and main stream, this is what’s hot in hip hop!

If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!



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