Sam Smith, Euro-soul?, Covers VIBE MAGAZINE


Hey my WHIHH family, Heather B Nyce here. So many questions and opinions and with so few answers to the subject coming. But you may argue, why should we care. Art is art, right?

Recently an English singer-songwriter was featured on the cover of Vibe Magazine. When I got wind of this, I must admit that I was a bit shocked. I mean, all of the obvious questions and reasons came to mind like, his race, background, sexual preference and even the class that the music industry is putting on his art. Saying things like, “How a Brit ruled soul music, (AGAIN)”. They even called him “2014’s soul controller.” I mean, this is a lot of reputable titles for one young singer 22 year-old Cambridge resident.sam_smith

Sam Smith came to fame and acknowledgement in October 2012 when he was featured on “Latch“, a song by artist Disclosure. Then he had his debut album, “The Lonely Hour“.

I guess we can argue, who gives a damn about any of those characteristics of a musician. It’s all about the art. Right? I suppose to a point it is all about the art but lets be real. He hasn’t even covered Rolling Stone Magazine yet. But Vibe is cool with it so I guess we should be too.

The musical and entertainment mag was founded by Quincy Jones in 1993. Its now only printed quarterly verses monthly like previously. And Sam was featured on the digital issue so, does this change your feelings on him being on the cover? In 2012 singer, rapper, and songwriter Kesha Screenshot_2014-11-08-12-16-28was the first caucasian female to appear on the cover so maybe this is a new trend to urban media and press outlets.

Opinions are opinions and yes everyone has them. None of these things should truely matter when it comes to art of any sort. I’m just saying Vibe was an original piece of work for the urban audiences. But I’ll let you guys draw your own thought. Comment below.

If its not here, Its not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop.

Heather B Nyce



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