No Justice for Mike and now Eric. Help Us.

Hello my WHIHH family. I bring you no good news but there will be justice in one way shape or fashion. The New York grand Jury has decided there was no reasonable cause to indict the white office that ultimately caused the death of Eric Garner on July 17th 2014 while he was shouting “I can’t breathe.”


What more evidence did they need to prove that this man’s death was untimely and unnecessary? Protesters have gathered in New York and all across the nation to demonstrate that we have gotten no justice in these recent situations, including the case of Mike Brown. The Missouri Grand Jury did not indict the officer involved in the situation either.

M & E


In this hard and grieving time, we need to stick together as a nation, regardless of race, background, upbringing and whatever else that can divide us as a human race. Wrong is wrong and we may not live long enough to see God’s ultimate plan for these two officers but just know that there will be justice.

If its not here, its not hot. This is what’s hot in Hip Hop. 

God is Love

Heather B Nyce

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