Lacosta Fashion Week Show

What’s up my WHIHH family. We were granted exclusive press and photos for the Lacosta show and it was quite inspiring and this fall’s trends are going to be off the chain. See the images and key me know what you think. I am looking Screenshot_2015-02-16-12-35-11_1forward to the trends they seem to be setting this season and the colors remind me of the 70s.Screenshot_2015-02-16-12-35-59_1
Screenshot_2015-02-16-12-36-07_1  Screenshot_2015-02-16-12-36-22_1                                     Screenshot_2015-02-16-12-36-35_1 Screenshot_2015-02-16-12-36-29_1
























Meanwhile, my girl khfox covered the NBA ALL-STAR event where the beautiful and talented Keyshia Cole came and showed some love at Club Nova in Brooklyn.

FB_IMG_1424111544522 So if you missed it, you missed out. WHIHH was all around town this weekend. FB_IMG_1424129064670

If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in Hip Hop.

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