Must Kim Kardashian Stay Naked Somewhere? (Pictures)

What’s up my WHIHH family. This subject matter is far from surprising. It seems that the women of culture today go great lengths to get media, press, attention or some sort of exposure. And while these women are doing these things, they are not portraying the art of the body, or anything else of class that can come with being absolutely naked. It makes me wonder what men really think about these women. Kim Kardashian may believe that she’s being modelesque and posing her body across every magazine that will pay her enough is fantastic but what does her superstar, always reacting, entitled husband think of her nudity? I’m told her said that she should show even more skin. Wow. Either that’s some confidence or they are just not thinking about what their baby girl will have to see and endure when she’s of age to know what mommy did in past videos and photography. nonetheless, check out gallery for her photo shoot in Love Magazine.

Comment down below on how you feel about these photos. As a man, would you allow your women to do this shoot for money? As a woman, would you do this photo shoot? Screenshot_2015-02-08-07-59-00_1 Screenshot_2015-02-08-07-58-48_1 23 54

If Its Not Here, Its Not Hot. This is What’s Hot In Hip Hop.   

Heather B Nyce

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