Rick Ross Take Over NBA All Star Weekend

So our first event we attended this All Star Weekend in New York City 2015 was Rick Ross Take Over hosted by Danny Green from the San Antonio Spurs. Invited by a lovely PR, Medjyn Chery held at The Monarch Room on 15 st in the city of New York. Chief Blogger Kfhox, WHIHH security and myself standing outside for an hour in the freezing weather waiting to get in, mean while the only people entering is paid ticket person(s).

After discussing this, with the promoter of this club, he lets us in leaving other many press personnel outside. Big shout out to Zack, promoter of the Monarch. Walked in this amazing place down stairs where it’s standing room only. The club was over the capacity allowed acknowledge by the naked eye. So we get approach by Anthony, in which I believed he works with Ms. Chery, PR and informs us that there in the VIP is actor Marc John Jeffries who turns out to be very cool. Marc allowed us, KFHOX to interview him and take some great photos.

Actor Marc John Jeffries & Award Winning ChefJuvon

Actor Marc John Jeffries & Award Winning ChefJuvon

After meeting Danny Green from the NBA Spurs who seems to be cool he told us numerous times that we would be allowed  to interview him and take photos in a few and repeated saying the same thing for over a duration of evening. Funny thing is I notice as Rick Ross and his crew walked in, Danny Green got no love from Maybach Music camp at all as they squeezed over to another area by the DJ.

Tired and ready to go, I ask Kfhox one more time to ask Danny for the interviw and at about 2:45 am he replies nah. People of WHatsHotInHipHop.com I kid you not. I ask Kfhox to hold the camera and walked over to Danny to tap him. It became harder and harder to grasp his attention as he parties like a little kid and held my peace. I walked away thinking why even waste my time even more. I thought to my self “Media always gets the last word”.

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