Is it Your Time? Me O’Clock Says Always recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the founder of Me O’Clock to get some insight into this company that’s been creating quite the buzz in NYC and beyond. WHIHH spoke to Jamie Parker,  founder of the company, for an exclusive on what the buzz is all about and the challenges of running a company while completing a PhD.  IMG_8399 (1)

Parker said that the brand has been an outlet for him to meet everyone he wants to meet. “The brand has opened doors,” he said, but “through persistence, hunger, focus.”  Parker’s most recently met A Town and SnacksRob Hill, Sr., & The Husel, just a few of the people he’s met in his quest to establish the Me O’Clock brand.

IMG_8394The brand almost seamlessly promotes itself with a positive message of taking time for oneself. Who doesn’t agree on the importance of self care and self love? Me O’Clock embodies that notion and takes it to another level by advocating with an entire brand dedicated to just that.

IMG_8397Parker talked about how difficult it is to work towards a PhD and run a company, but his pursuit of excellence continues in spite of the challenges. He said, “There’s no perfect time to start something.” And who would know this any better than someone who founded a timepiece company? He continued by saying, “You’ll always find an excuse…I prefer people who give me one reason why I should versus twenty reasons I can’t.”

Parker continues by saying, “Everything’s been done before.” Still, somehow, Me O’Clock is effectively reinventing the wheel by tapping into the greatest force of all: self empowerment. Match that with quality accessories and you have a brand destined for the same greatness it advocates to others.IMG_8398

“People have to believe in you more than even the brand,” Parker said. He said that people buy into you more so than the brand so he’s been meticulous at being a positive force, sharing his lessons both in and out of the classroom. He also said that reading science has helped him create business ideas. He explained that understanding how the body works has helped him understand even more universal ideas. “Everything in life is about patterns,” he said. definitely thinks it’s Jamie Parker and Me O’Clock’s time! You can find more about the brand and Jamie Parker at


If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop! 

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