Thought Leader, Inspirational Singer, and the State of R&B Changer – Tyrese

The Journey of a Selfless Mission to Save Souls & the State of R&B

I was recently on an exclusive press conference one hour call with Tyrese and other media professionals and bloggers.  

Black Rose Advertisment

Black Rose Advertisment

During this time, Tyrese humbly opened up with a very personal message surrounding his R&B movement utilizing “Black Rose” to make a statement of his intentions to change the game.  

“I’m on a mission that is much bigger than me.  I’m on a mission that is a little uncomfortable at times.  I’m on a mission, in most cases, will benefit others greater than benefiting myself.  This is a very selfless move that I’m making on behalf of the state of R&B.  I am not superman.  I don’t feel like I have a cape on. I’m not doing this for any type of antics. I’m not really lacking in the celebrity public figure department.  I’m not lacking in the press or media department.  As far as an Entertainer, things are pretty solid in my life and in my world. I think ya’ll know me by now and knowing the level of integrity.  Other than my social media engagement and the engagement levels, which has me at about 4.5 billion a month in reach….”

Now as far as music, I’m going to break down very important statistical facts that some may not know.  

  • Tyrese’s first number 1 album is “Black Rose.”
  • His first number 1 single as a solo Artist is “Stay”. This single was number 1 off of his last album on Billboard for 11 consecutive weeks in a row.
  • He now has his second number 1 single, “Shame featuring Jennifer Hudson”.

His solo album, “Black Rose” is very successful and is the biggest album of his career statistically.  

An interview with Tyrese

An interview with Tyrese

  • “Black Rose” was number 1 in 15 countries
  • “Black Rose” was number 1 on the Billboard Top 200.
  • “Black Rose” was number 1 on iTunes.
  • “Black Rose” was number 1 on the R&B Billboard.
  • “Black Rose” was number 1, two weeks in a row.
  • The single, “Shame” was number 1.

I asked Tyrese the following question:

You poured your heart into “Black Rose” double album, a very personal documentary, and book.  How did you overcome the difficulties of being able to reach down within a really deep place in your soul to reveal transparency as it related to these projects?  

“I didn’t really have to dig deep. I was already in a deep space.  It was just a matter of getting in the vocal booth. That was the challenge. Losing my girl of 5 years wiped me out emotionally. In and out of court fighting for custody of my daughter wiped me out emotionally. Then of course, losing my brother, Paul Walker, my friend of 14 years, the nicest guy you’ll ever know and meet, that wiped me out emotionally.  Trying to get me to sing when I wasn’t necessarily in my best mental or spiritual space was very, very challenging.  If it wasn’t for this woman named, Isabella Castro, who is my manager, started out as my assistant, now she is the Vice President of my overall Entertainment. A whole lot of people got Isabella Castro to thank, but they don’t know it yet, but they do. She is literally a force of nature.  She would not, not let me finish this album. She was relentless. I pushed the release date back about 4-5 times.  It’s very interesting to be here. Very, very interesting. It’s like, wow, God knew if I get to that finish line, He had all kinds of rewards, blessings, and opportunities waiting for me on the other side.  No one would have “Black Rose” right now, if it wasn’t for His love, that’s for sure.”

At the end of his interview, my emotions were coming on strong as he answered my question. This press conference was so inspiring, uplifting, and it was such a blessing to have the opportunity to speak with Tyrese. You never know what’s currently going on in someone’s life, but God is always on time.

“Black Rose” is on iTunes

Article by Tishawn Marie


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