Miss Moe Problems with Sexxy Nexxy?

love--hip-hop-502e7fc996cceThis past episode of Love and Hiphop was exhilarating. Cardi B brought the comedy, while Miss Moe Money brought the drama as the episode opened with Miss Moe Money arguing with Mariahlynn over Sisco. Why is Miss Moe Money over reacting over Sisco talking to Mariahlynn? I mean he did show up late to her performance. Sexxy Lexxy and their manager gets fed up with Miss Moe Money always causing unwanted attention with her verbal altercations. Sexxy Lexxy threatens Miss Moe Money that she will go solo if this continues.lhhBBOD

Meanwhile, Marialynn is having trouble focusing on her career because of her personal life. Her mom got caught shop lifting again and Mariahlynn had to cancel her studio session to pick her up from the police station.lhh1

Tara moves back to her old apartment because she could not stand the love triangle between her, Peter, and Amina. Speaking of Amina, she has a heart to heart with Peter’s oldest daughter about the love triangle and how she recently aborted Peter’s baby.lhh

The episode shifts more into a comical stand point when Bianca and Cardi B end up taking Tara’s etiquette class. However, are they taking the class as a joke, or do they seriously need some help with becoming more professional. llh cardi bDespite the drama, you can always look forward to Cardi B and Bianca to get a good laugh out of each episode.




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