The HipHop Recap of 2015


As everyone filled the room to see’s The Hiphop Recap of 2015” there were lots of controversy within the panel and the audience. The panel consisted of @barolinne, @djjuanyto, @djwillnyc ,@fresh_garcia @johnnybai, and @jackthriller.


z993Miss Jayyiah noted how 50 cent continued being the biggest bully of this year, however Jazz felt that it was a good look on him because of his hit show Power.

z99999 A big discussion in 2015 was the feud between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. Most of the panel felt that it was staged but some felt that it was real because it happened so quickly. Jack Thriller doubted Nicki Minaj being “about that life?” Like come on, she dated Safaree. Jack Thriller felt that his Instagram looked suspect. However the panel felt that in the beginning of Nicki’s career, he was the pen to her pad, which does give him some credibility.

zz945The main discussion was “Who was the MVP of 2015?” Fetty Wap did have 4 songs in the top 10, and the last person to do that was Eminem a decade ago.  However, Drake was the first Hiphop artist to go platinum in 2015. Future killed it through his mix tapes. The panel insisted that when you listen to Future, you want to turn up. Future busted his ass this year and was consistent. Fabolous comes in and out of the game. He is the most slept on and the most under rated Hiphop artist. People always forget to mention him. Fabolous is one of the few artists who have been consistent with his flow. He has been the same since 2000. But in the end, it seemed like the panel agreed on Future being the MVP of 2015.





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