Kendrick Walked with Five Grams


Hits and misses walked The Red Carpet and performed at the 58th Grammy Awards. The 2016 Grammy Awards ceremony were held on February 15, 2016, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.  Numerous entertainers arrived on the carpet in their designer gown and suits. Some wore stunning garments and the others missed the mark. What Were you Thinking? would be my question to the celebs who missed the mark, so lets get right to it.


zendayaZendaya is the face of Cover Girl Cosmetics. She looked more like a, cover boy at the awards. I can appreciate a women who can wears a tux and pull it off, but she did not nail the look. Maybe it was the mullet hair style from the 80’s or the tuxedo wasn’t fitted properly.



Stevie Wonder is an Icon in the music industry.  He’s outfit was horrible. The suit, the camouflage sleeves, rhinestones on his shirt, the sneakers the whole look was gaudy and ill fitted. His performance dedicated to the late Maurice White made up for his outfit.








Wiz Khalifa had to be high off that KK (Khalifa Kush).












635911728740667085-USP-ENTERTAINMENT-58TH-GRAMMY-AWARDS-79715530Lady Gaga did an awesome performance paying tribute to the late David Bowie. Look up true artist in the dictionary, Gaga’s picture would be there. Her whole persona was excellent.




Powerful performance was done by Kendrick Lamarkendrick-zoom-c2e53004-3b37-4f1b-b6d4-d88916172754. Kendrick addressed racism in his performance. I thank him for speaking through his words and imagery.  An intelligent black man you are. Epic stage presentation.







Remember If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!


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