Love and Hiphop’s Plot Twist!

love--hip-hop-502e7fc996cceThis past episode of Love and Hiphop, Tara met with a therapist to discuss all the drama that has been going on with her life. She dropped a bomb on us when she told the therapist that she is almost 6 months pregnant with another baby from Peter. This sounds like a set up to make Amina look like the “side chick” once again; but then again it seems like Tara really wants that big happy family with Peter.tara

Sexxy Lexxy ends up going solo with Rasheda as her manager. On the other hand, Rasheda said she will only be her manager as a solo artist if she will walk in her maxi-dress fashion show. sexxy lexxySpeaking of the fashion show, Remy Ma gets frustrated with Rasheda for making her coordinate and decorate the whole fashion show on her own. When Rasheda showed up late, Remy Ma could not hold her tongue and had to tell Rasheda about herself. Rasheda’s friend ends up getting smart with Remy Ma and they start going back and forth. Hours later, during the fashion show, as Sexxy Lexxy is walking down the run way, she notices that MariahLynn is performing and wonders why Rasheda did not ask her to perform. She confronts Rasheda and MariahLynn over hears the conversation.mariahlynn MariahLynn confronts Sexxy Lexxy and it escalates into a really big argument. MariahLynn just felt tough because she had all the security guards holding her back.

                DJ Self introduces Cardi B to a fashion stylist so that Cardi B can look stunning for his new music video “I Got The Juice.” cardi bHowever, the fashion designer ends up pushing up on him when she wanted to have a “meeting” with him at a restaurant. Doesn’t seem like the typical meeting to me. As Tara changes up the direction of this season, MariahLynn brings the drama, while Cardi B keeps bringing the sexy.


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