Its so Hard to Say Goodbye


This week’s episode of Love and Hiphop opened up with Tara and Peter finding out that they were having a baby boy. However Tara lets us know that the baby is not going to make her stay with Peter. I guess the sex is “HAHA.”tara pregnant

Papoose and Remy Ma speak about their up and coming wedding, but Papoose had to voice his opinion on how Rasheda may be a bad influence on her because she was always in the atmosphere when Remy had a “blow out;” which actually makes sense. Is Rasheda the instigator of this season? Papoose better get that on check, because we cannot lose another female MC in this Hiphop game. remy ma wedding

Cardi B expresses how she feels that Mo is a “punk” because she wanted to fight little ol’ Mariah Lynn, but not knuckle up with Young B. Also, Later on in this episode, Cardi B “whyles” out on Dj Self for not supporting her music, but pushes BBOD and Mariah Lynn’s music on the radio. Which makes no sense to me because her smashing her. cardi b

Yandy throws Remy a bachelorette party and of course Rasheda wants to “hate.” Rah takes Yandy aside at the party, you would think it would be to congratulate her on being a good friend to Remy and setting up the whole bachelorette party. yandy sHowever this conversation takes a turn when Rasheda explains to Yandy that she thinks she is being a fake friend to Remy because she came out of nowhere. Yandy keeps it classy & professional and just brushes all the drama off.

mother in lawMendecee finally gets his 8 year sentence and actually has a sense of relief. He sets up a meeting with his three baby mamas, first son’s grandmother and his mother to talk about his children. However, the episode comes to an end with another “blowout” between Mendecee’s mother and first son’s grandmother. Why can’t they just get along?


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