PRINCE a Musical Genius dead at 57


Prince , a man of mammoth musical talent and outstanding style has gone home today, April 21st, 2016. Prince a world wide musical entertainer was adored by many.

His style was his signature, the heels, the sequence outfit, the loud colors, shining clothing, crop tops, metallic jumpsuits, high neck ruffled shirts, no attire was offprince-1 limits to Prince. His savoir- faire was unapologetic, he could careless of your opinion on his fashion or his life. His expression of style was like no other. Prince mesmerized his audience with distinct and imaginative  style.

“Be as flashy and loud as possible”-Prince.


A Superstar has taken his place back up in the sky. He will genuinely  be missed. R.I.P., no Prince would say “Let’s Go Crazy




Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!







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