Treasure Found in Newark

signMyself, Rockstar P and my Photographer Roamano Ivory was invited to Fashion GXD Magazines photo shoot happening at Off the Hanger Boutique located at, 12 Linden Street in Newark, NJ.  When we arrived at the location, from the looks outside I didn’t know what to expect.  I  definitely did not expect what I saw when I entered into the boutique. I felt as if I was transported into a whole new world. Off the Hanger interior decorating was European and had a Soho look, the kind of store you would see in Manhattan, not Newark, NJ.


The twomanq Owners of O.T.H Lynette Lashawn  and Ani, born and raised Newarkens (my new word), store has been in business for 6 years. The boutique not only sells men and women clothing , theowners (2) store also sells vintage furniture, how cool is that?Lynette has been in the fashion industry for 15 years as a Stylist, Fashion Correspondent and Blogger . She has also been featured in Essence and Gxd Magazine. Newark definitely has a diamond in the rough, Off the Hanger Boutique. If your travels lead you into Newark definitely stop by O.T.H. and grab something unique/chic and experience the ambiance.


childOh, back to the photo shoot. I was so impressed with the stores decor I almost forgot to tell you about who the muses for thbse photo shoot were, Samantha Wallace and her son Lil Mandeecees Harris from Love and Hip Hop NY, Model River Mason Eromosele and Channing Smythe and her daughter Leah Stills. If you have been following Leah Stills you would be aware of her battle with cancer. The battle is over, Leah won her fight with cancer. Won’t he (God) do it.  Devon Stills, Leah’s dad from the NFL was so inspired by his daughter strength in her time of malady they decided to write a book titled, “Leah Strong“.


rockstarThe day waladiess inspirational and fashionable. Thanks Pilar Scratch, CEO of Fashion Gxd Magazine for the invite.






Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!



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