Will the Empire Fall?

Taraji-Empire-Poster-01The 3rd season of the Fox hit TV show Empire has ended. As we await the 4th season, we might not be seeing the usual cast.  Empire maybe getting a new face. It’s been alleged Taraji P. Henson will not be returning to Empire. Taraji is Empire! She’s the show. The lady just won an Award for Excellence for her role as Cookie on Empire.  Who doesn’t tune in to see what clothing taraji-p-henson-130_400x295_60Taraji is rocking? I’m sure the clothing will still be sick, if she doesn’t return, but nobody can give you the ratchet attitude like Taraji. Tee is a friend in my head, like Wendy Williams would say. Who will Mr. Lee Daniels get to replace Cookie? The Cookie Monsters would like to TeeIjsbUIQknow. I heard through the grape vine the replacement is suppose to be Gabrielle Union. I love Mrs. Gabby. She’s pretty, great personality and funny, but I can’t see her play that role.  I also heard another choice might be Kim Kardashian, uuggh,  no words for her. Mr. Daniels you better not use a Kar-trashian!! Fox  pay Taraji the 1.2 million she wants.



I’ll leave you on this note, Empire will not be Empire, without the Empress.


Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!


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