A Night of Gift Opening

It was a Friday night in the City. I was riding around trying to decide what to get into. I started to scroll through my Facebook page. I noticed a post about a performance I totally forgot about. My plan for the night was made.

13445539_10210000606795827_7350541036330807860_nRomano Ivory was performing at the Sugar Bar in Manhattan, NY. The Sugar Bar is owned by the iconic R&B duo Ashford and Simpson. The establishment scene, dim lit, smoke filled, laid back, intimate space. There was no smoke, I just added that to give you a dramatic vision. Anyway, I’ve been anticipating attending one of Romano performances, every since I watch his cover on Youtube of his mash up of Beyonce’sXO” and Tamia’sMissing you” hit songs. Tonight was the night to watch him live!13346971_10210001757024582_2457992521970191421_n

My friend and I was seated at a table. We order our food and drinks. I had the seafood stew it was delectable. My friend ordered the fish, but continuously raved about the cornbread, lol. As we ate Romano took the stage. He sang a cover by Bob Marley, “Redemption Song” and two original songs, “Love Castles” and “Adore you“. He slayed all three songs. I was stimulated. His delivery was everything and he knew how to work the crowd as well. Mr. Ivory even came to my table and sang to me. I was flattered. I felt like the girl in the Five Heart Beats who sat front row and was captivated by Eddie Kane’s voice when he sang “A House for Love”, Lol. Romano did an amazing performance, but wait a minute the next three performers mesmerized me. They all had, “The Voice“.

Screenshot_2016-06-13-17-59-31-2Tunes crooned his original songs, “Homework” and Party in My Bedroom“.




10295498_10208725034740549_2399224594384199290_oKofi Black covered James Brown’s,A Man’s World” and an original song “Old School Love“, incredible voice.




Anthony Vincen serenaded  the crowd with his originals “Super Lover” and “Bedroom R&B“.13444405_10210024244466754_69170184_n

All four males had the voice, you know ladies the voice that can hold you spellbind and make you undress effortlessly. Check for them on Sound Cloud. 

I had a lovely night. I was glad I was able to make an appearance and experience God’s gifts. Everybody has one.

Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!



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