Fleek on Bleek was Bleak

I was excited to cover the fashion event Fleek on Bleek happening on Bleeker Street in downtown Manhattan. The excitement arose from the opportunity to meeting the host of the night, R&B singer Elle Varner and to watch a few up and coming designers and music artist.

When we arrived at the venue, me and my photographer Romano Ivory  were made Fleek+on+Bleek-5aware that EFleek+on+Bleek-10lle would not be hosting tonight’s event, major bummer. The show must go on, right? Right. To start off the night festivities was the fashion show. The fashions wasn’t Mercedes Benz Fashion Week fashions, but I give the Designers an E for effort. Wait, there was one designer who designs I did enjoy viewing. T. Elliott her dresses was stunning, elegant and sexy all rolled into one. I could definitely see her gowns at proms, wore by bride maids, at black tie dinner or any upscale event. Good job T.


Fleek+on+Bleek-1Musically there were four Rap Artist, but two stood out A.C. Styles and Swag the Rapper . They both gave a good show. Their lyrics and beats made you bob your head and tap your feet. Fleek+on+Bleek-9

Why do I title this blog Fleek on Bleek was Bleak?, because there was very scant audience, no following to enjoy the show.

Whelp, I also enjoyed the delicious free food sponsored  by Johnson Catering and drinks provided by Belaire,  Bon-appetite and cheers.

Thanks to Dymelyfe Productions for the invite.

Photo Credits: Fresco Arts

Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!





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