Bronx Born, Harlem Raised Artistically: Meet Trell Lauren

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Known artistically as Trell Lauren, a rising entertainer who makes no bones about admitting his passion and love for the art of creating quality music; Inspired by greatness and the success of legendary contributors Trell has taken to being a student of both the business and creative side of the record industry as we know it today. Performing seriously for the better part of the last 2 years, the Bronx native now Harlem resident is what many would call a breath of fresh air. Finishing his debut EP 91 till 4Eva, July 29th has been marked as the date when the world will be privy to the artist, and the person who is Trell Lauren. Critically acclaimed for his lead single, Hipster Girl, Trell continues to brand himself both in and out of the booth.


His goal being that of challenging himself and satiating the creative fire that lies within, Trell is an introspective creator who can and does consider the demands of the ever important consumer in today’s market. As evident by his social media engagement, Trell understands the importance of building his fan-base and brand organically.

 My goal is to do what sets my soul on fire and make a living doing what I want. I want to be young, black, educated, talented and powerful. That’s what the majority is scared of. I want the majority to respect me and fear me.

                                                                                                                                                           -Trell Lauren

A hybrid between the old and new school of music, Trell works tirelessly seeking to meet his perfectionist side. Already working on the sequel, Project New York, Trell is surely an artist to take notice of as he climbs the charts, deservedly so.


Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!





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