Newly signed Eone Music artist Jaquae shows personality during Lavish Life Magazine shoot

One of the hardest working and truly entertaining MCs on the grind today, Jaquae is lauded for his performance as well as his work ethic. I have watched this brother grind tireless to reach his goal, which has come to fruition with his newly minted EOne Music deal. This past weekend, I got the chance to curate a photo-shoot alongside of Lavish Life Magazine for their forthcoming August 2016 issue which will be the 1st Volume of the brands relaunch. Check out some of the outtakes, and get a load of Jaquae’s undeniably fresh demeanor and personality.


Photo Credit: @LavishLifeMagazine


Jaquae 2  Jaquae 3


jaquae 4  jaquae 5


Check out Jaquae’s My Pieces Hittin Video


Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!




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