These Shoes are Made for Walking.

I waScreenshot_2016-07-09-11-32-52-2s emailed an invite to attend GH Bass Press Preview a few weeks ago by the lovely PR Janique Bailey. Being a Fashion Stylist, I must stay in-tune with the latest trends and styles. I decided to go and check out what Bass Shoes had to offer for 2016 A/W(autumn/winter), if you wasn’t aware what A/W means.Screenshot_2016-07-09-11-28-28-2

When I arrived at the showroom I was pleased with what Bass had to offer. The men and women shoes, sneakers, boots and bag’s where with the times.  I am not going to lie, I haven’t brought a pair of Bass Shoes since the 90’s, but that will change. Bass shoes has always been a classic/casual shoe and my personal style, I don’t do casual. I’m a heels type of lady, but I did see a few pair of shoes I could see me wearing.  Janique gifted me a two pair of shoes, a thong snake sandals and a men shoe for fathers day. I love them!!Screenshot_2016-07-09-11-31-47-2

Thank you Bass Shoes and Janique for the shoes and reintroducing me to your new line of shoes. You guys have been around since Screenshot_2016-07-09-11-28-58-21876 and still standing. That says a lot. Check out Bass Shoes!




Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!



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