Mr. Predicate Himself: Nymrod

nymrod predicate


A play on words ? maybe. Product of real life – certainly. Brooklyn bred MC Nymrod has made his rounds in the music industry over the course of the last decade from his affiliations with the Dipset after meeting Max B while paying his debt to society. He went on to learn both the Do’s and Don’ts of the business while under the regime, which he carried with him on to his venture of starting his own brand. There he not only crafted his own brand, but was a helping hand to many upstarts looking to be pushed by a supporting hand which had earned their keep as authentic. What you see is what you get with it comes to Nymrod. The unmistakable scar running across his cheek which undoubtedly assures you that there is a story behind the bars. Upon meeting him you will see for yourself.

His resume of features is solid from Vado to Tyga, PMD, Jim Jones and more. A class of spitters, so much is to be expected.  I recently had the brother up on Lyrically Live (@LyricallyLive via @DTFRadio) as a guest and he put on for the ages with his freestyle acumen. For the ages, I mean the generation when bars were felt. Impactful even. The message in his rhymes are kin to those we received when your favorite MCs were valid, and the music was related to other things besides pill usage and purple drink. New York City I think we have someone that we can support. With the being said, check out his debut project via his newly minted situation with Predicate Records (@PredicateRecords), aptly titled Predicate.




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Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!





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