Screaming to be Free: The Book

On Friday, November 11th, I released my very first children’s book based on my song, “Screaming to be Free.” The song/ book is all about having a dream in your heart and letting nothing stand in your way. The first edition book is a coloring book with block letters so kids (of all ages) can not only color in the pictures of the book, but also go along with the words of the song.

KFHox & Yandy Smith at the EGL Girls Hustle Harder Event

KFHox & Yandy Smith at the EGL Girls Hustle Harder Event

The book got a great response from Yandy Smith recently at
a  Girls Hustle Harder event in New York City. Also in attendance at the EGL event was Mona Scott Young & author & spoken word artist, Kira J, among other panelists, who were incredibly supportive of the book and the concept.

You can now order the book directly on my website for $5 (including shipping) until November 30th.

Stay tuned for an upcoming book tour around New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island.

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