The Ghetto Nerd breaks the mold with content on new EP


“From the ghetto but never fit in…moved to the suburbs and never fit in…creator, visionary, author, artist, entrepreneur, veteran, father, husband, nerd.”

– The Ghetto Nerd

Describing the foundation for his new release, Parenthood, Detroit native The Ghetto Nerd has released a project packed with 9 new tracks produced by the likes of Brandon Fletcher, Quentin Dennard, Smerf Beats, and more.  A self proclaimed nerd, The Ghetto Nerd touches on a variety of topics from family to parenting, life and more.  Looking to expand his demographic, this latest release surely will be a gateway. Stand out tracks include “Baby Using the Bathroom,” and “Chucky Cheezes.” Nothing like what you hear in the media and on radio today, The Ghetto Nerd may be able to lay claim to starting a trend. Check out Track-list and stream link below:


Track 1- Baby Using the Bathroom

Track 2- Chucky Cheezes

Track 3- Oh Yeah

Track 4- I Don’t Know

Track 5- Slammin’ Doors

Track 6- How to Be a Man

Track 7- I’m Going Crazy

Track 8- I Know

Track 9- Most Beautiful Sound

Stream Here

The album is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and on


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