Gloria Velez “The Mami Mogul Movements”


The Hip Hop culture is no stranger too Ms. Gloria Velez aka Glo let’s be real she has paved the way for video vixens to set the bar and raise their standards in the hip hop game. Gloria Velez, born in Long Island but raised in Florida is one of thee first Hip Hop video vixens to set high standards when it came to compensation and respect for women appearing in your favorite Rappers videos.

Mogul Movements

   Glo was unstoppable her beauty, her poise and lets not forget her attitude towards the game was like no other. Often times many confused her beauty for weakness. Don’t let this bombshell fool you she is a force to be reckoned with along with her beauty Glo has never been a woman to back down from anyone. Gloria has held her own from the start of her career until this day. As an Artist, Model, Dancer, Writer and Mother, Glo is unstoppable. While many other Vixens who started out with her in the game are off the radar she has remained relevant and has embarked on some pretty exciting new business ventures that will definitely ensure more relevancy and more Mogul Movements in near future.

Last week on her Instagram page(@gloriavelez) she announced that she a 50% partnership in Lake Nona Boxing Gym located in Orlando Florida. Many might not be aware but this sultry sister is nice with her boxing skills, has had a daily workout regiment and lets not forget years back her run in with Female Rapper Remy Ma at a Jadakiss Release party. It was said Remy came in the party and lets just say Glo spared her no mercy. Once again proving don’t let a pretty face fool you. Gloria is not for violence yet realized early on the obstacles she would face in the industry and never looked back. Along with her new title as part owner she is also working on a website that will have apparel that Ms.Glo will be designing herself. Glo is on a heavy grind and we at WHIHH would like to wish you the best in your new ventures. We will keep you updated on Ms.Velez as she makes her” Mogul Mami Movements“. You can also follow her on all Social Media Outlets.


Twitter:@gloriavelez as well as Instagram

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