215 Stand Up!!!! When people think of Hip Hop we automatically think New York. However, Philadelphia has created some dope MC’s and its time Illadelph gets their shine. Recently I was reading up on one of my Top5 Battle Rappers and was extremley elated to see all the recent accomplishments and opportunites one Philly rapper was putting in motion.

  Philadelphia Battle Rapper Reed Dollaz is no stranger to the Hip Hop. At the young age of 17, Reed was seen at every battle devouring the competition to say the least. Lets keep it real Reed Dollaz is one of the dopest Battle Rappers to come out of Philadelphia and he is still going strong. In 2016, Reed won the battle on Smack URL against Chess, this battle has over 1 million plus views on YouTube. A Veteran too the game Reed Dollaz continues to deliver fire with his  aggressive style and word play.


Recently, I caught up with Reed Dollaz and let me just say this, Reed has some accomplishments too be very proud of. Besides being CEO of Dolla Day Ent. LLC that has 6 artist on its roster Dollaz has been given the opportunity to work with a heavy hitter and well known CEO in Hip Hop that has paved the way for many Artist. Yes, yes Irv Gotti one of the hardest working men in the Hip Hop game hands down has a Television series that will be airing summer 2017 on BET network and also Tidal. The series is titled ” TALES”.



In February 2017, Reed recieved a call that would change his status in a major way! Irv Gotti provided Reed Dollaz an opportunity that many would dream of. Irv asked  Dollaz if he would write all the hip hop music for his new series “TALES”. Reed Dollaz humbly accepted and is reedeming himself in an industry were Battle Rappers arent given their homage that they so deserve. Moreover, Reed Dollaz promised two very special people in his life that he would never give up. Reed Dollaz dedicates his career too his Grandmother and Mother in a major way. Losing is not an option and Reed is on a winning streak! Reed also pays homage to Irv Gotti because he has given many Artist opportunities that other who are in the position to do so dont. I have listened to many interviews and many mention Reed but very seldom come through. Well Irv Gotti not only came through but he continues to inspire Artist too never give up.

  Reed Dollaz, We at What’s Hot In Hip Hop recognize your hardwork and effort and wish you more success and abundance. We are looking forward to hearing your bars and watching the show. Until hand and laptop meet again, I want too salute Hip Hop and our culture. Peace and Blessings. Hustle Bunny

Follow Reed Dollaz On Instagram & Twitter @therealreeddollaz 

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