The G Dep Story: Turning Test Into A Testimony PT.2




About a 2 months ago I wrote a blog on formerColema Bad Boy Artist, Trevell “G Dep” Coleman. In 2010, the rapper from Harlem turned himself in on a shooting that occured in 1993. Coleman was unaware that the victim John Henkel died as a result of the robbery. Nevertheless, Coleman accepted his fate and was sentenced to 15-Life in prison.

Now lets fast forward past all public opinion and 7 years later too G Deps time and what he has been doing to turn his “Test Into A Testimony”. Coleman along with another man by the name of Brother Jamal are making some very positive changes in their lives and lives of others. Brother Jamal is serving a sentence of 145 years but this has not stopped him from trying to break a cycle. The two men joined forces and created a GWF a Non-profit Organization GWF which is short for “The Greater Wealth Foundation. The Foundation brings awareness on issues inmates face in prison, positive decision making, victims awareness and accountability and gives others the chance to make changes and reform their lives and mind frame.

The Greater Wealth Foundation is a faith-based foundation not catering to any specific religion but helps inmates with developing spirituality and living life in a positive way. Coleman has contributed the best way he knows how through his music. Thus far Dep has recorded 12-songs all positive, no profanity and talks about real life situations that our Kings and Queens experience on the outside.

Colemans wife, Laticia has played a vital role with the foundation by assisting with Media and getting the word out to the community and public. In May 2016, Mrs. Coleman had an interview with 1st Fam Radio located in New Jersey to introduce the world to GWF. Host, Chill Gizzy was so impressed about the movement he was kind enough too offer GWF his radio slot.Gizzy an avid hip hop fan and a supporter of G Dep has helped GWF with his contribution and humanitarian efforts too bring truth and understanding to the criminal justice system. In June 2016, 1st Fam Radio introduced GWF Radio to the world.


GWF would like to thank Chill Gizzy for assisting the movement. Currently GWF is in search of individuals too assist with spreading the word and public speaking. Stay tuned for part 3 of the Trevell “G Dep” Coleman story. Listen out for new music, what contributions the Foundation is making and G Deps new found love. This is Whats Hot In Hip Hop!!!!!


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